Wooden windows

Goran wooden windows are the best showcase of a house. They emphasize the aesthetics of the interior, give the character of the building’s facade. Thanks to the extensive equipment with the highest quality components, they save energy and reduce the noise reaching. In our offer you will find the perfect windows tailored to individual requirements.

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Wooden - aluminium windows

Wooden and aluminum windows and doors, GORAN, are a subtle combination of wood and aluminum, materials of different aesthetics, properties and technical parameters. The window construction is based on two independent, stably connected frames – wooden from the inside and aluminum on the outside. Thanks to this combination, these windows are extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions, do not require frequent maintenance, give a modern look to the building’s elevations and create a cozy interior.

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Terrace doors - sliding system

Is the ideal solution for maximum use of space within the terrace and garden doors, enabling not only easy opening and closing, but also tilting the balcony wing, thanks to which we can comfortably ventilate the room. The use of innovative solutions enables the construction of structures with very large glazing. Professionally selected fittings from leading brands on the market mean that moving huge wings requires only a small amount of force.

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Exterior and internal doors

Wooden interior and exterior doors are made of the best type of pine, oak or meranti wood in a modern production process, which ensures high accuracy of machining and finishing. The material for the production of the door with the frame is glued in layers, and the door and frame elements are combined into a full tenon, which guarantees their exceptional durability, solidity and prevents deformation. We realize orders according to individual expectations in both modern and classic style. 

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The fully integrated bar is a structural element of the window, increases its stiffness and divides the glass into smaller parts. The bar is made of the same wood as the window and is of the same color.

The partially integrated bar is mounted on the outer surface of the glass pane on both sides and is made of the same wood and the same color as the window. The bar may be also applied to the window as a pressed bar frame.

The inside bars are permanently placed inside the glazing unit, it can be covered with a wood-like coating or varnished in a selected color from the RAL palette.


We produce shutters made of pine or oak wood in any color. We offer models of solid shutters, with fixed or movable lamellas embedded in a wooden frame, opening outwards or inwards.

Facade boards

The modern facade boards, apart from its attractive appearance, also ensures thermal and acoustic comfort of buildings. We present wooden panels made of meranti and classic pine joined by finger-joints, in three cross-section options: SEVILLA, TIVIANO, BREVA. The whole in a rich range of azure colors and RAL. The security technology used makes them resistant to various weather conditions.

Window sills and others

Internal window sills are made mainly of three types of wood: pine, oak and meranti with a standard thickness of 30 mm in a color matching the windows. We produce also non – standard wooden profiles that are used both inside and outside of buildings such us ceiling wooden beams – full or empty, construction elements of terraces, bay windows and roof trusses.

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